Wonderful help, GREAT SERVICE

I have had the pleasure of being on both sides of Vancouver Island Estate Liquidators and have been surprised by the service and impressed by the money I have saved and made through his business.

I was in the market for some playground equipment with very little success.  Until one day Wayne showed up at my door showing off his inventory and mentioning that he had this piece of equipment for sale, and didn’t even know I was in the market.  The equipment was worth over $20 000 but I got a GREAT deal.  Wayne did everything to get it to my place but build it.  And when it turned out that Wayne DIDN’T have the instructions he did the next best thing: cut me a check for my troubles.  Problem solved!

I was so impressed with his salesmanship and dedication to customer service that I hired him to help clean out my garage full of old ‘junk’.  Wayne organized the dates, cleaned up all my buried treasure and did ALL the advertising.  The best thing was how professional the sale LOOKED.  You felt good about someone like Wayne working within your business.  Everything was clean and organized.  He even shows up with his own credit card machine and cash register.   In the end he took care of most of the stuff that was not fit to sell.  All I had to do was count the cash, which he presented the day of the sale with a report of the day’s business.  At the end of the day I don’t think I could have made that kind of money even IF I did all the work that Wayne had to do to pull of this sale.

Way to go, Wayne; you’re the MAN!

Thanks for everything Wayne.