At Vancouver Island Estate Liquidators we:


  • Have an established track record, and without a doubt are the most experienced estate, moving and downsizing ‘Come-to People’.
  • Provide a service that is all-inclusive from start to finish for residential, commercial and farm equipment liquidations.
  • Keep all fees up front with no hidden charges and no pre-selling of items.
  • Establish realistic fair market prices for an accurate evaluation of household contents.
  • Broker fine antiques, collectibles, precious metals, weapons and fine art

There is no comparison…anywhere!


It’s only through our team dynamic that we can offer such a total package of services beyond comparison and this truly is as professional as it gets.


⇒ Antique Specialists
⇒ Charitable Receipts
⇒ Countless Testimonials
⇒ Expert Team
⇒ Fair Market Pricing
⇒ First Come Principle
⇒ Free Appraisals
⇒ Full Detail Cleanup
⇒ Huge Fan Following
⇒ International Mediation
⇒ PAL Firearms Licensed
⇒ Recycle Drop-off