Why an estate sale service?


You may be too busy or burdened to wish to liquidate your estate. It is often easier, faster and less painful to have professionals sell your estate property than to do so yourself. Or, you may be an executor and decide it is the best interests of the beneficiaries to use an outside agent such as ourselves to liquidate assets. At Vancouver Island Estate Liquidators we believe in providing the best service possible. We will work with you until everything is sold.

We are committed to making your estate removal process as painless as possible.


Our moving & estate liquidation service includes:


  • Research and appraisals of single items & collections of fine antique furniture, books, fine art, collectibles, china, sterling, ephemera, as well as everyday household items.
  • Evaluation, pricing, and presentation of items for maximum monetary return.
  • Getting the message out through our huge social media following plus mailing list of eager customers awaiting the next newsletter.
  • Driving traffic to our sales! Preparation, posting and removal of signs that attract and direct customers.
  • Working closely with local food banks and arrange to have unopened food from the fridge and cupboards picked up before the sale.
  • Easy buying options for shoppers with Credit Card & Interac on site.
  • Paying clients at the end of each day with complete, reliable and time-sensitive accounting practices.
  • Donating any unsold valuables to our charity benefactor who can provide tax receipts on request.
  • Sorting the leftover clutter for the recycling depot or garbage dump to leave the building in a cleaned up state.

Clutter be gone


Whether it’s part of a sale or a stand alone service, our energetic and meticulous team is not squeamish, so bring on the mess. Let the professionals in our industry do the fussing about what to do with it and where it should go, because they have the expertise and the know for every item. We also do forensic cleanup of crime scenes and morbid cleanup of natural deaths with great courtesy for the bereaved.

Our unwanted stuff removal service includes:


  • Content Sorting & Organization
  • Asset Recovery & Inventory prior to facilitating an estate sale
  • Recycling of Appliances, Electronic Waste Trash and Vehicles
  • Cleaning & Preparation For Estate/Moving Sale
  • Expired/Outdated Document Destruction
  • Arrange for Extreme Cleaning