Pradip – Rachel Kumar

We recently retained the services of Mr Wayne Mossman (Vancouver Island Estate Liqudators) to help us load the 40ft Container for shipping to England (where we moved to). The Container was provided at our storage facility at Budget Self Storage in Parksville by Williams Shipping & Moving.

Wayne supervised the entire day long loading of the Container. He provided excellent supervision, export wrapping and loading the Container, remained on the phone throughout the day for live reports and advising while we were in England. His role was highly responsible, proactive and efficient for a long and demanding day.

After loading he took all the left-over items (furniture, gym and household items) for sale, and also got the storage units cleaned properly.

We are fully satisfied with the services provided and highly recommend his company. He is totally reliable, responsible and efficient in the time of need. He also goes out of his way to provide creative solutions to problems at hand.

It was a pleasure working with him and we look forward to doing business again.

Pradip & Rachel Kumar