Connected with a proven track record


Based in the mid/south island area Maple Bay/Duncan, we solve every aspect of estate liquidation and moving challenges for folks all over Vancouver Island. Our synergistic team of professional expertise combined with genuine sincerity and knowledge gives our clients the best in estate and moving liquidation services.

We understand the difficulties that may be inherent in liquidating one’s estate, and we make every effort to assist you every step of the way. We truly respect your individual situation, your estate and the items within it, and will treat your personal property with the utmost care. Our network of professional expertise combined with genuine sincerity and knowledge, gives you the best in liquidation services.

More than liquidation specialists


Acquiring specialist status in moving and estate liquidation involves the highly proficient skill of organizational downsizing and with an average of 40 sales each year, we truly know our stuff. Within our team of professional experts, we have the advanced knowledge of online trading and selling of fine antiques, rare collectibles and fine arts worldwide. Meet the owner and contractors behind our team of professionals who work in tandem to orchestrate every facet of estate and moving liquidations sales to make them a success from start to finish.

Wayne Mossman Owner, Vancouver Island Estate Liquidators Antique & collectibles expert, sales consultant & organization (camera shy)
Diane Babcock Owner, Cool Tech Writing & Design Promotions expert, website design & maintenance, social media, newsletter design & distribution
Tom Fischmann Owner, Red Door Treasures Antique & collectibles expert, point of sale management

Our success supports our community


With over 100 testimonials on our page it’s easy to see folks are more than happy to share their sentiments about us with anyone in the same situation. Beyond the sale success is that of our benefactor, the Endless Treasures Thrift Store charity that receives generous donations of used furniture and household goods for which they can provide charitable receipts to clients then sell the goods in their store at Heritage Mall in Parksville to further support the community.

Why folks love us so much


  • Auction houses and antique dealers “cherry pick” the best items and you still have to sell the rest of the estate, but our clients don’t have to do anything except show up at the end of the day to pick up their money.
  • We sell the contents of your estate in one massive sale; everything from the firewood in the shed to fine antiques in the house are included. There is something for everyone at our sales, as the buyers are diversified.
  • Our experience has shown us that “junk sells”, too. This means that much of the money at our sales is made from selling items that would normally be recycled or thrown away. Surprisingly, we have sold pre-worn brassieres, vehicles in the back yard and wheel barrows with flat tires at our sales.
  • Everything is pre-priced and sold “as is, where is”. Our buyers love this concept: clothes hanging in the closet, paintings on the wall, dishes in the cupboards, tools in the shed, clean linen on the beds, garden ornaments on the lawn, collectibles in the china cabinet. This makes for a bit of adventure, too, as there is something for sale in every nook and cranny.
  • We are licensed gun dealers and have pre-approved buyers for all categories of legal firearms.
  • We work closely with local food banks and arrange to have unopened food from the fridge and cupboards picked up before the sale.
  • At the end of the sale we arrange to have local charities pick up whatever is saleable for them and then we dispose of anything left over in our 20″ cargo trailer.

As they say…It’s Just that Easy!