Kathy Jacob

I’m a little late in writing this tribute to Wayne Mossman and his team of hard working and energetic staff, but mention of his professionalism must be said.

I recently had to clear out the home of my Step-Father and Mother as their house was sold and they were going into a care home. Time was of the essence. My Step-Father’s hobby had been to go to garage sales for the past few decades, and buy anything and everything; so the house and outlying sheds were overstuffed with literally dozens of everything. Many things were sadly neglected due to their inability to care for the property.

However, Wayne was always very encouraging about clearing everything out and being able to sell many items that I quite frankly thought was garbage. The house was set up like a crowded store and tools were displayed in his trailer which also acted as a mini-store. Items were arranged for sale all over the property. There were so many things that many people who came to the sale actually thought that there were four or five housefuls of goods.

Advertising was done, street signs were set up, and everything was very well organized. A lot of items were sold, and those that were not were removed on another day. The property was cleared of years of debris and junk for the new owners.

Quite frankly, I don’t know what I would have done without the hard work and keen enthusiasm  of Wayne. I didn’t know where to begin, the task was overwhelming; and yet somehow it all got done. I would highly recommend Wayne to anyone with the task of liquidating affairs, be it your own or someone else’s. I live across the country, and yet he was always reassuring about completing the job in the allotted time. He is sensitive to the difficulty of clearing out the things of a family member, and upbeat and positive about the job at hand.


Kathy Jacob, Mississauga