Vern – Brenda

After the sudden passing of a family member, my wife and I were faced with the huge task of clearing out the family home and all its contents. Through the years and with the closing of a family restaurant, the volume of accumulated possessions  was enormous.

At first we were overwhelmed and disheartened. The process looked to be one that would take months and all our time and energy, both physical and emotional. Then, my wife recalled an estate sale she had attended in the Summer and suggested that as a way to deal with the huge job ahead of us. With some discussion and contemplation, we contacted Wayne Mossman of Vancouver Island Estate Liquidators. It turned out to be the best call we could have made.

Wayne met with us and immediately, his positivity and enthusiasm for the task ahead lifted a weight of concern and dread from us. With Wayne and his crew involved, the whole idea of getting a house chock full of things cleared out seemed totally achievable. Wayne was clearly knowledgeable and well connected when it came to organizing, sorting, valuing and advertising an operation like this.

Where my wife and I had contemplated months of sorting, packing and cleaning in the house, once an event date was set, the whole process was done in a week. Wayne and his crew came in and sorted, priced and staged the contents of the house. All done with professionalism and in the most respectful way. Wayne brought in all the necessary display tables, cash register and help needed to ensure a smooth but exciting sales event. We were not required to be there, but my wife decided to help out and answer any questions that might arise.

So, rather than the overwhelming job that faced us at first, and rather than just paying to have the house contents hauled off to the landfill, many people were able to purchase items they wanted, other items went to charity or to be recycled and we were able to see the house completely emptied and had some cash as a bonus. An excellent and possibly amazing outcome from where we started.

Given our experience and outcome, clearly it was a great pleasure to work with Wayne, his crew and the expert evaluators he brought in to help determine the value and market for the wide variety of goods that were sold.  From household goods, art, firearms, commercial cookware, books, music, and on and on. All things my wife and I had little or no market value knowledge of or even the ability to sell within legal frameworks.

I have already passed Wayne’s name along to others who need such caring and professional services and will continue to do so.
Looking at the final result, I feel a great deal more at peace and look forward to doing a few renovations to the house and making it our home.

With great appreciation,

Vern & Brenda – Nanaimo