I have been in a waiting period for years trying to transition into my retirement. I have been in touch with Wayne during those years and he made me feel as though I could call him anytime and he would help me through this tough time. This seems like a passion for Wayne because never did I think he was caught up in business.

Finally, I called Wayne and told him I was ready. He came out and assessed my belongings, my storage unit and got busy taking photos… A lot of them. He said we could have this all taken care of in a couple of days and here I was thinking the impossible.

Wow, do these guys work it. Wayne reassured me the whole time and in a short time…. It was in fact all taken care of.

The best part is that there were so many people served in this one sale of mine. From all the customers who bought from me to the charity who came and cleaned up anything that I didn’t want to worry about storing anymore.

What a cleanse and how easy it was for me to ‘get r done’. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Wayne and team. I am now resting easy after so long carrying this burden like a semi truck load behind me.


Patti in beautiful Qualicum Beach on Vancouver Island