Fran – Pat Schooley

We were recently faced with the prospect of cleaning out my mother’s home and readying it for the housing market. This is a daunting task, especially if you are from out of town.

We contacted Mr. Wayne Mossman regarding his estate sale service. He thoroughly explained what would happen. He came to the house and gave us an honest assessment of what we could expect from the sale. We agreed upon the date for the sale. From there, we stood back as they organized the complete event.

To say it was efficient is an understatement. The advertising and signage were effective and the sale was well attended. Wayne and his staff are extremely capable and knowledgeable in every aspect of an estate sale. From pricing the goods, dealing with the sales and the dispersing of unsold items, it was an amazing and gratifying experience.

The net return to the family was more than we had anticipated. Our kudos and MANY thanks. We would heartily recommend you to anyone needing this service.


Fran and Pat Schooley