Dianne Knight

I would like to thank Wayne and his wife Brenda from Vancouver Island Estate Liquidators for their wonderful compassion and hard work when they handled the sale of the household goods in my Mom’s home.

Wayne came out to a rural area to asset Mom’s belongings and meet with Mom who was downsizing to an apartment because of a terminal illness, he assure her it was all going to be OK. Then he and Brenda came out to the house to sort and price all the items a few days before the Sale Days.

I loved how they had everything set up with lots of signs, bargain table, a cash register and the ability to take credit cards too. On the “Sale Days” my Mom was in the hospital, so Wayne took care of everything as I dashed back and forth to the hospital, bartering, clean up and relocation of everything left at the end.
Mom was quite the collector of odds and ends through the years, so at the end of the two days of sales and a chunk of money in the bank, some of the unsold items were heading to the landfill and any valuables went to a charity for a receipt, Wayne took care of it all. The only thing I needed to do was wash the floors before turning the house keys to the new owners of my Mom’s home.

I honestly could not have done it without Vancouver Island Estate Liquidators. Thank you Wayne and Brenda!

Dianne Knight, Mesachie Lake