Robert H. Lieberman

Wayne Mossman is a prince!

After my brother Eliot died I had to sell his house in Sidney and found myself overwhelmed. Eliot liked to collect things— from artwork to knives to sometimes the really most mundane of “stuff”.

To start with I had to thin things down to even show the property. I turned to a local auction house. I was disappointed. Valuable things from carved ivory to Native American paintings went for next to nothing.

Then the house sold and I had to quickly empty it.

This is when I turned to Wayne. He told me not to worry. He would handle the sale of the contents and when he was finished the house would be empty and clean.  He had a big list of clients, he told me, and driving traffic to the sale would be no problem. I had serious doubts about all of this but was desperate.

Then came Wayne’s sale. There was a big turnout and everything went. It turned out to be profitable (I wish I had used Wayne from the beginning), and the house was clean for the new owners who were happy.

Wayne is probably the hardest working man in Canada. He’s very pleasant and easy to work with. He’s super reliable and honest. I would use him again in a heartbeat. And yes, he is a prince.

Robert H. Lieberman, Novelist & Film Director, Ithaca, NY