George Mackenzie-Grieve

I would like to express my great appreciation to  Wayne from Vancouver Island Estate Liquidators for his generosity and social conscience.

I received a phone call from a friend in Nanaimo about an item in one of Wayne’s estate sales.  It was a silver bowl trophy presented by St. John Ambulance to  Mary Mackenzie-Grieve in 1948.  Mary Mackenzie-Grieve was my aunt who lived in Victoria for many years with her parents.  There were many Mackenzie-Grieve heirlooms in the Victoria home which were gradually sold or discarded when she left Victoria and the family home.

I was especially interested in the St. Johns’ Ambulance silver trophy because it was a link to some of our family history.  I contacted Wayne by e-mail about the possibility of placing a reserve bid or trying to buy through an online offer just to recover some family connections to the past.  Within the next day, after he had heard about the family connections and history related to the bowl he indicated he would personally buy the item from the estate and mail it to me as his way of the trophy “finding its’ way home to the frozen north”.

The trophy arrived in early November just as Wayne had promised.  I am so pleased to “recover” this family heirloom and want to say THANK YOU  to Wayne for his generosity and interest in the trophy “finding its’ way home.  Thank you Wayne!”

George Mackenzie-Grieve
Whitehorse, Yukon