Gail Pesto

Wayne came to rescue me while I sold my house on the 7th and had to be out on the 28th. I lived in my house for 18 years and in those 18 years  I had a place in Vancouver and that came to me my house. I had a place in Palm Springs and that came back to be my home along with stuff I had acquired over the years.

I contacted Wayne. He went through the house and said he would do it which meant pricing everything and displaying everything being a salesman on the days of the sale and he delivered a lot of the big furniture to the buyer.

When the sale was over they called in the charity to take what they wanted. The rest Wayne said he would have it removed from the house so the cleaners could come in. If I had to do this on my own I would not know where to start. They were my angels, everything was taken care of fore me.

Thank you Wayne and your crew you did a very good job. My health is good but if something happened to me I would of hated to leave my children to empty my house.

I have downsized and live in a condo, as my furniture was too big.

Gail Pesto