Tom Rogers

My family and I were faced with the daunting task of disposing of household effects belonging to my late mother and her husband. They lived in a 3000 plus square foot home with lots of “stuff”.

We contacted a local auction house initially to assess the value of their property for auction purposes. They effectively turned their noses up at my mother’s furniture etc , advising there was “maybe $2k worth” of saleable items.

We eventually turned to Wayne Mossman of Vancouver Island Estate Liquidators who was recommended to us. We were faced with an approaching deadline to vacate the house which had been sold with a rapidly looming closing date.

Wayne worked with myself and the representatives of my mother’s husband’s estate to arrange a sale date that would satisfy our need to have the house emptied out before the sale closing date deadline. Wayne was very accommodating and arranged for a sale on the weekend immediately prior to our closing date , rearranging scheduling to accomplish this.

There were some slight complications in identifying certain items that didn’t belong to my mother and her husband jointly and differentiating items which were 50% my mother’s and which items were not. Wayne handled these complications masterfully. Our sale went off without a hitch and we were able to sell off the bulk of my mother’s property during the first 2 days of the sale , the remaining items going to a charity , that was prearranged by Wayne.

Wayne delivered on his promise of an empty house by day 3 of the sale , much to my delight. I was extremely impressed with the can-do attitude and energy level demonstrated by Wayne and his crew.  We not only achieved our goal of an “empty house” but also generated significantly more than the $2k suggested by the auction house and we had lots of giggles while we accomplished this.

I would not hesitate to recommend the people at Vancouver Island Estate Liquidators in the future.

Tom Rogers, Surrey BC