Rhonda Bailey

Without the help of Wayne Mossman through his company Vancouver Island Estate Liquidators (VIEL), I would not have accomplished the downsizing I had to do before I could move from my house to a condo. Wayne said, “Trust me; there won’t be anything left for you to deal with after the sale. Just leave it all to me and don’t worry.”

For anyone considering working with VIEL, here is the sale process as I experienced it. First, Wayne came to check out what there was to sell and to take photos. These were used to advertise in advance on the VIEL website. Good communication by text message, email, and telephone relieved my pre-sale anxiety. The day before the sale, Wayne and an assistant priced and labelled everything.

The day of the sale, more helpers were there with a cash register and the technology needed to process debit and credit card sales at a strategically located cash desk. One person, designated as the “accountant,” provided an accounting at the end of each day and paid me my share of the money from the sales.

VIEL signage guided people to the location and directed them to park on the main road and walk down the driveway. On the first morning of the sale, the steady stream of people that poured down the driveway attested to both the advertising and the following VIEL has created.

With VIEL staff members working in the house, garage, and workshop, everything ran smoothly. People who bought large items brought their cars down the driveway to load up, with help from the VIEL team. The sale was so successful, it was held for only 2 days instead of the 3 originally planned.

On the third day, another team under Wayne’s supervision sorted and loaded up everything that remained. They swept and vacuumed and left the house, garage, and workshop empty and clean. These workers were from the Workability Project, a non-profit organization. All remaining saleable items were taken away to be sold in their thrift shop. I was delighted to be able to support this charity that helps people get back in to the work force, and I commend Wayne Mossman for his support of such community projects.

Leaving my longtime home and letting go of so many belongings was difficult, but Wayne’s friendly, professional help made it easier. He is honest, efficient, and knowledgeable. He does exactly what he promises to do, with energy and good humour. After the sale there really was nothing left for me to deal with, and I had made more money than I expected to.  If you need this type of service, call Wayne Mossman at Vancouver Island Estate Liquidators!

Rhonda Bailey