Pamela Smyth

From my experience, Wayne is man of his word. I previously contacted one of his competitors that required a contract and then proposed that at least $10,000 worth of goods sold.

Downsizing and moving, or facing the recent loss of a loved one can be stressful enough, so who needs surprises or stipulations that present further demands?

Wayne and his team made my transition efficient and cheerful and didn’t require a set “expectation” sum.  After all, who knows what the end results will be until after the process has completed?

What I really like was the fact that he represents honesty, integrity and a non-profit group called Workability, where all left over items go to a thrift store, and group that that helps others. At the end of my event, members from this group graciously cleared and swept my home, which allowed me to rest. They displayed competency and kindness.

I also appreciated that the fact that Wayne encouraged me to be on-site during the entire event. In contrast, another firm told me I should not be present. This was my home filled with my belongings. As such, I wanted to be there. I was glad to hear that Wayne welcomed my involvement which gave me the opportunity to say farewells to visiting friends, neighbours and community members while parting with my goods. He was also security trained, and security conscious.

If you are looking to downsize or move, I highly recommend Wayne and his team. They go beyond the call of duty – helping to sell your stuff and, for whatever doesn’t sell, you and he can also help others where tax receipts for charity donated items may be issued.

In the end, Karma equals “what goes around, comes around”. In my opinion, this is a winning combination.

Pamela Smyth, Nanaimo