Recently I sold my home. I had only 30 days until I had to be out of my very “well-stocked” 5 bedroom house. To say I was stressed was an understatement. I needed to downsize and I was overwhelmed with the amount of stuff I had and the short amount of time in which I had to deal with it.

I needed someone who could help do this quickly. I called Wayne. He very quickly reassured me that he could take care of it. He explained how it worked and we set a date for the sale.

Throughout the process, Wayne was available to answer my many questions and address concerns. He continued to provide the reassurance I needed as I was skeptical.

As promised, large amounts of people showed up for my sale. Wayne actively engaged everyone who attended and went the extra mile to make sales, including delivering a BBQ, free of charge, to someone who wasn’t able to fit it in her vehicle. He very likely would have lost the sale had he not offered to deliver it for her.

At the close of the sale I had the option of donating the remaining items to a very worthy cause. A group of people from the organization arrived at the end of the sale. They quickly packed up and took away everything that was left. Between them and Wayne, I was left with an empty house and garage, and a handful of cash.

Wayne was instrumental in helping me deal with this huge stressor after the sale of my home. He took this seemingly overwhelming task and dealt with it. As promised, he “got it done”.

Excellent work – thank you Wayne.