I am new to Nanaimo, don’t drive, and don’t know anyone here.  I needed to empty out my parent’s house and get it ready to rent in 2 weeks.  Wayne said that he could have the house cleared out in 3 days.

After each sale day the proceeds of the sale were divided up and I received the cash each day. I picked out things that I wanted to keep in storage or give to family and then  workers from the Workability non profit charity group came to load up what I was donating to their thrift shop and to clean out the house.  They did a great job and I could not have emptied out the house without their help.

Wayne did what he said he would do. He got my parent’s house rent ready in 3 days, sold things I didn’t think would sell and put money in my hand that I didn’t expect…and he even drove me to and from the house and bought me coffee.

Gail, Nanaimo