Cynthia Stone

As the saying goes, the best made plans get laid to rest. Almost, but not quite so in my case.

My plan was to have Wayne and his crew conduct an estate sale, and, given his reputation and long list of loyal customers, I knew I could count on him to get the job done.

Then came the monkey wrench. Without going into details, it left me in a situation where there was far too little left in the house to sell to make an estate sale worthwhile, but far too much left, and much too little time to completion of the sale of my property, to even begin to consider how best to handle the remaining contents on my own.

Wayne was with me every step of the way, from Plan A (estate sale) and its crumbling, to a very successful Plan B that freed the property of all of its contents, paved the way for consignment sales, and benefitted some very worthwhile local charities.

I was very impressed with Wayne’s ability to roll with the punches, come up with options, and get the job done on time – and I highly recommend his services to others.

Cynthia Stone