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Downsize from 3000 sq.ft. home to 1000 sq.ft. condo

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Wayne Mossman + Team

Thank you to all of our sale patrons! You often don't know how you touch people's lives, so here's where we get to tell you.



I was very pleased to use Vancouver Island Estate Liquidators; they were fast, efficient, honest and very professional. I highly recommend them.

Joanna Rounis & Co
When we were facing the task of dealing with our parents estate we looked at each other and said “ how are we going to do it all?” The house was jam packed with 63 years of marriage, family, memories and the list goes on. And only so much time available to us as we both have our own lives and jobs and families.

We gave Wayne a call and he came over and had a look and told us no problem. In 2 or 3 days it would all be gone and we would have an empty house. He wasn’t kidding. A weekend with Wayne and crew and it was done. Everything that could be sold was sold and the rest was dealt with by Wayne. To top it off the proceeds of sale were WAAY above anything we expected to receive. And Wayne and crew were a lot of fun to work with as well. Thanks guys!!

Jeff and Bev Nanaimo
Thanks very much for your services. Great job!! We are very happy on how everything turned out. You are such a
hard worker and we appreciate all that you did.

Diane and John
I would like to thank Wayne and his staff for handling a project that was beyond our ability. Our house was three stories and over 4000’. We only took 2 chairs out of the house and sold everything else. It was monumental and Wayne made it so easy for us.

A big thanks to Wayne for keeping me out of a mental hospital. I highly recommend Wayne. His group puts in efforts no one else on the Island does.

Tom and Cindy Trott

We wanted to thank Wayne and his team for the excellent job done in handling our downsizing sale at 6080 Kaspa Road in Duncan. Vancouver Island Estate Liquidators exceeded our expectations in accomplishing a mind numbing task which was to downsize our assets from a 4000 square foot to a 1900 square foot home.

Instead of paying to move assets we didn’t need, we shared in the proceeds of the sale at the end of each day. It soon became apparent Wayne has chosen his team members carefully and it showed in their professionalism. Despite being the business owner of Vancouver Island Estate Liquidators, Wayne personally works tirelessly on site to get the job done. It is little wonder VIEL is such a success.

It was a pleasure working with Wayne and his team and we strongly recommend VIEL without hesitation.

John & Gery Bovard

A huge thanks to Wayne Mossman and his team of professionals for a stress free, well organized estate/moving sale they conducted for me.

Wayne priced everything, Andrea and Judy sold for two days and then Wayne loaded up and hauled away 3 truckloads of scrap from my yard. I was absolutely amazed at Wayne and his team. Andrea and Judy were professional, knowledgeable and sweet and friendly to the customers and to me. Neither ladies sat down for two days but were constantly helping customers and organizing the merchandise.

A big bonus was that I enjoyed their company so much I ended up hanging around for the full three days. I am very grateful to Wayne, Andrea and Judy for this wonderful service. Can’t wait for them to come back for my moving sale soon.

I highly recommend Vancouver Island Estate Liquidators.

Losing a spouse and moving is stressful enough but the idea of planning and holding an estate sale on top was more than I could handle. I saw how they handled the sale for a neighbour and decided to check them out. Wayne came out and explained the process - basically they do everything. I just packed what I wanted and had the movers take it to my new home. Everything I wanted to sell I left in place.

Wayne and his staff came in priced, organized, advertised, ran the sale, got rid of junk, and arranged for a charity to pick up what was left over. All I had to do was pick up my money. They were prompt, well organized, and courteous. The number of people that came to the sale because of their advertising, the staff manning the sale, pricing items (especially tools I had no idea what they were let alone worth) and the cleanup was well worth their fee.

Although ours was a relatively small sale by Wayne's standards we received the same high standard of courtesy and professionalism as expected of the largest event.

We have no hesitation in recommending VI Estate Liquidators to anyone requiring services of this nature.

Price & Lorraine Carson, Nanaimo

Thanks for a doing a great job of clearing my mom’s house (her home of 55 years) and for showing such kindness and consideration throughout this daunting process. The estate sale, disposal of contents and cleanup were done with efficiency and I have recommended you and your great crew to friends who are dealing with similar situations.

Sincerely, T. Hamer 
I want to thank Wayne Mossman and the team at Vancouver Island Estate Liquidators for coming through in a big way for my mother and myself. Thanks to their dedication, they found the best possible solution on a tight deadline for liquidating my mothers estate. This greatly reduced our stress and I am very grateful I found them. I had looked into using several company before them but my experience with them was far superior - highly recommended.

Donna Pantin

My uncle suddenly passed away and as the trustee for his estate, I had no idea what I was going to do with the accumulation of 40 year’s worth of trucks, equipment and tools located in a huge garage, shop and several outbuildings. This was especially complicated – I thought – since his property is located on one of the Gulf Islands and is not easy to attract buyers.

First, my lawyer had recommended Wayne Mossman – Vancouver Island Estate Liquidators & Auctioneers to complete an assessment of his yard assets for probate. Wayne promptly completed this task by estimating the value of each item and taking pictures, then he offered to help with an estate sale. I was happy with his proposal, and so he created an event poster on his website and took care of all the advertising.

Next we scheduled the sale on a Friday, Saturday and Sunday. When I arrived Friday early afternoon, his team had price tagged everything and there was a line up of buyers. They sold everything by Saturday 3:00! He and his team are professional and work hard, they are amazing.

By the end of the sale, they had gathered up all the remaining garbage and items of no value into their vehicles, which was another huge job and extremely helpful. Then they swept out the shop and garage floor. They provided a fantastic service, which I could not have done without them.

I highly recommend Wayne Mossman of Vancouver Island Estate Liquidators & Auctioneers.

Melanie - Victoria

Good Karma + excellent customer service = Success!
A Huge THANK-YOU to Wayne and his VIEL Team for bringing it to the neighbourhood! 

Vancouver Island Estate Liquidators know how to drive the traffic, make the sales and even clean up afterward - Superb! Very pleased with the service. I could not have done it without them!
Nancy Smith - Nanaimo, BC
Vancouver Island Estate Liquidators conducted my sale on short notice after another company failed to keep there commitments. I found Wayne to be prompt, courteous and cleaned up after all was finished.

Norm McCray - Comox, BC

Wayne and his VIEL Team exceeded our expectations including bringing in more than 7 experts in to help assess, price and sell our items plus clean up after the sale.

Wayne’s network attracted people on the net through his newsletter and brought buyers in person from as far away as Toronto! Wayne and his team put customers first and treated everyone who visited the sale with respect and dignity. When the crowd and we mean crowd, needed a little energy Wayne engaged them with a little humour and salesmanship and put a smile on everyone’s face.

From the 2 set up days prior to the sale, the 3 sale days and the clean up day following the sale Wayne delivered on every promise he made. Wayne and his team have our highest recommendation!!

You and your team were GREAT!! Thanks again Wayne!

Fergie and Jennifer

Vancouver Island Estate Liquidators were great to work with. They made the job of liquidation some of our assets very easy and were a huge help. I highly recommend them and would use them again in the future.

Sharon, Genesis Christian Centre

Dealing with my husband's sudden death was hard enough; dealing with all the stuff in his shop seemed like an overwhelming job. Then another family crisis hit and I knew I couldn't get it done in time.

Wayne took it on at short notice and lifted a huge weight off my shoulders. I was surprised that he was able to sell off the most mundane items and it all added up to a reasonable amount of cash in a very short time. Wayne's services were recommended to me by two good friends. I understand now why they spoke so highly of Wayne & his crew.

I would not hesitate to tell others to use Vancouver Island Estate Liquidators when the need arises.

Ruth Morrison

I am the Administrator of an Estate which owns a large house.  In order to prepare for the sale of the house, it was necessary for all of the contents of the house to be disposed of.  This included not only furniture, but also kitchenware, clothing, linen, artwork, books and garden furniture and equipment.  

The service provided by Mr. Mossman and his crew was professional and extremely well organized.  Virtually everything of value in the house was sold, and by the end of the sale whatever items remained were removed, and the house was left completely empty, clean and ready for sale. As a result of my experience, I have no hesitation in recommending Vancouver Island Estate Liquidators. They made what would otherwise have been a huge job, a very simple one.

Peter Giovando

I am new to Nanaimo, don't drive, and don't know anyone here.  I needed to empty out my parent's house and get it ready to rent in 2 weeks.  Wayne said that he could have the house cleared out in 3 days.

After each sale day the proceeds of the sale were divided up and I received the cash each day. I picked out things that I wanted to keep in storage or give to family and then  workers from the Workability non profit charity group came to load up what I was donating to their thrift shop and to clean out the house.  They did a great job and I could not have emptied out the house without their help.
Wayne did what he said he would do. He got my parent's house rent ready in 3 days, sold things I didn't think would sell and put money in my hand that I didn't expect...and he even drove me to and from the house and bought me coffee.  
Gail, Nanaimo

Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart for getting me through that difficult time when I needed and had to sell my dad's stuff.

Cindy Satre, Nanaimo

Wayne and his team recently coordinated our estate sale at 533 Corcan, Road. This sale composed of collector cars, household and mechanical shop effects.

There is a very high level of professionalism and team work to the way Wayne operates estate sales. It was a true pleasure working with him and we strongly recommend Vancouver Island Estate Liquidators to complete what looks like a very daunting task. They are truly fine people who work hard.

Thank you so much.  Jackie & Lee
I recently lost my Mom and, being from out of town, dealing with her house contents was going to be an overwhelming task. Luckily I heard about Wayne and Vancouver Island Estate Liquidators early on in the cleaning effort. Wayne and his crew came in, dealt with things of value through a sale and charity, and then carted away the trash. This service saved me many a sleepless night and I can, without reservation, recommend Wayne and his business to anyone in this same sort of predicament.
Thanks! Charlie - Ottawa, Ontario
I met Wayne at my friend of 50 yrs. estate sale. She has had a sudden life-change recently where her husband of 45 years needed a care home and my friend had to down-size quickly from her 3,000 sq. ft. home to an 1100 sq ft home.

Time was of the essence and Wayne took on this mammoth task of preparing her home for the 3 day event last month. Both Kelly & her husband had a lifetime of collections on top of their 45 years of 'things'. Wayne took the stress and worry out of the down-size for my friend. He was true to his word and cleaned up every conceivable bit of 'left-overs' after the sale was finished.

Wayne's demeanour was just perfect for my friend. He stayed calm and reassuring the entire time and looking back, I know we could never have achieved the results Wayne got for her. He worked tirelessly in the cold and rain, with soaking wet clothes and a smile on his face for everyone who came.

Thank You Wayne, you are the best!

Warm Regards, Lori

On August 5th. 6th. and 7th. August 2016 Wayne Mossman and his very capable staff sold the contents of our house at 679 Bay Rd. in Mill Bay B.C.

The sale was expertly carried out and every one was polite and courteous. We attended for a short time on a couple of times and were surprised at the number of potential customers there were.

On Sunday afternoon Wayne paid us in cash for contents of the house and removed all the old and unsold items and left the house spotless. Some unsold articles were returned to us in excellent condition.
We would recommend  Wayne and Vancouver Island Estate Liquidators to anyone wishing to sell their estate contents.

Alexander and Isobel HARDIE, Duncan B.C.

Thank you Wayne for a very well done and professional job of running the estate sale. It sure helped me out and am very satisfied. Would not hesitate to use your help again and to recommend you to any other people that may require your services.

Cheers, Maureen

I was recently helping a friend who had relocated overseas for work. He had put all of his household items from when he lived in Nanaimo into a storage locker and had returned to deal with them. But the task of sorting through everything was daunting and would take more time than his brief visit would allow. He called Wayne and after a brief visit to the storage locker, made arrangements for everything to be picked up and sold.

It all seemed too easy! But Wayne ensured it all worked according to his plan. He and his crew arrived early the next day and quickly and efficiently sorted and categorized all of the items and then sold them on behalf of my friend. Wayne did all the work and took the pressure off my friend. He made the whole process simple and straight forward.

I would recommend using Wayne – he was honest to deal with and worked very hard on our behalf.   

Linda Hiemstra, Nanaimo

I had no idea what to do with my Mother's stuff, so when I found Wayne's house liquidator business (and all the great testimonials) I was very happy. And Wayne did not disappoint. He worked his tail off coming down to Victoria, loading all the items, and then lugging it back up to Nanaimo for sale. I was satisfied with the return too.

He was very efficient, accommodating and professional. I would highly recommend Vancouver Island Estate Liquidators & Auctioneers.

Thanks again Wayne.

David Allan

Wayne came to my rescue when I was selling my house and had a lot of stuff that I didn’t  know what to do with which seemed quite overwhelming. He was very dependable coming when he said he would, took what could be sold and I didn’t have to deal with it again. It was quite a relief and I got money for it as well.

Sure wish I knew about him when I was beginning to downsize.  I would certainly recommend him to anyone downsizing or moving.

Dianne Bodnar

Wayne Mossman, Vancouver Island Estate Liquidators, was amazing!

He helped make a possibly challenging situation a piece of cake for us because I didn't have to do anything. He came in, set up and sold out! I was impressed by his professionalism and sales approach.  He made myself and my family feel comfortable. I would highly recommend him!!

Thanks again.


When we decided to sell our 2300 sq. ft. home of 28 years and downsize to 1400 sq. ft., we were overwhelmed by the enormity of disposing of our many treasured possessions.  Thinking we were faced with endless garage sales, posting on Craig's List, eBay, donating to charities, etc., along with the work associated with all of the above, we couldn't even think of where to begin. 

Only after a consult with Ann Delaney of Delaney Relocation Services did we learn of the service provided by Vancouver Island Estate Liquidators. From the very first meeting with Wayne, we were assured that all we had to do was move with the possessions we required for our new home and leave the rest behind. 

Wayne assured us that he and his staff would take care of it all and that it would "be a great sale".  We were still a bit skeptical, but after reading all the testimonials on the Vancouver Island Estate Liquidators website and seeing Wayne's plan in action, we  became believers. Wayne took pictures of items for sale, posted them on his website, notified his very large contact list of the sale, displayed and priced everything in our home prior to the sale dates, advertised in all local newspapers, erected directional signs on nearby streets, and greeted all buyers as they arrived in droves and waited in line on sale opening day. 

Everything was conducted in a secure and transparent way; and at the end of each day, we were paid our portion of the unexpectedly large daily sales verified by us. Even though the sale was advertised as a three-day event, everything was sold in two days. What didn't sell was donated to the Work-Ability charity, and we were issued a charitable tax receipt for same. By 3 pm on the last day of the sale our house was vacuumed, swept and clean - with no effort on our part. 

We have been telling all our friends and acquaintances about the terrific service Wayne and his polite, good-humoured, respectful staff provide - they are amazing and have been a lifesaver for us. We would recommend them in a minute to anyone requiring assistance in downsizing.

Lynn and David Breese, Comox (now relocated in Courtenay)

My family and I were faced with the daunting task of disposing of household effects belonging to my late mother and her husband. They lived in a 3000 plus square foot home with lots of “stuff”.

We contacted a local auction house initially to assess the value of their property for auction purposes. They effectively turned their noses up at my mother’s furniture etc , advising there was “maybe $2k worth” of saleable items.

We eventually turned to Wayne Mossman of Vancouver Island Estate Liquidators who was recommended to us. We were faced with an approaching deadline to vacate the house which had been sold with a rapidly looming closing date.

Wayne worked with myself and the representatives of my mother’s husband’s estate to arrange a sale date that would satisfy our need to have the house emptied out before the sale closing date deadline. Wayne was very accommodating and arranged for a sale on the weekend immediately prior to our closing date , rearranging scheduling to accomplish this.

There were some slight complications in identifying certain items that didn’t belong to my mother and her husband jointly and differentiating items which were 50% my mother’s and which items were not. Wayne handled these complications masterfully. Our sale went off without a hitch and we were able to sell off the bulk of my mother’s property during the first 2 days of the sale , the remaining items going to a charity , that was prearranged by Wayne.

Wayne delivered on his promise of an empty house by day 3 of the sale , much to my delight. I was extremely impressed with the can-do attitude and energy level demonstrated by Wayne and his crew.  We not only achieved our goal of an “empty house” but also generated significantly more than the $2k suggested by the auction house and we had lots of giggles while we accomplished this.

I would not hesitate to recommend the people at Vancouver Island Estate Liquidators in the future.

Tom Rogers, Surrey BC

Our problem was a storage locker in Nanaimo full of possessions of my elderly mother who is now in a care facility. Not enough for a sale (not to mention the difficulties presented by trying to have a sale from a storage locker)!

Wayne’s solution was to combine these items with another house sale. He cleared the locker and picked up remaining items from our home, transported them to the sale, sorted, priced – all we had to do was pick up the proceeds at the end of the day. 

Thank you Wayne and Vancouver Island Estate Liquidators!

Jacki Downey

My wife Nina and I really put Wayne Mossman to the challenge by the liquidation sale of the old inventory from Grundell International Sales Inc. This was obviously out of the ordinary routine for his company. With thousands of high-end advertising specialties and a two days sales effort, Wayne with his crew, Tom (Santa), Randy and Pat did a remarkable job.

The sales went far beyond our expectations and we really applaud the organization skills and salesmanship. We will be calling on Wayne and his crew any time we have anything else to sell.

We wholeheartedly recommend Wayne and his company.

Sincerely, Nina and Thor Grundell

In September 2015, our Mother passed away suddenly and unexpectedly. She lived in a 6000 sq.foot executive home in Courtenay. Being a world traveler, and educator, her home was absolutely filled to the brim. We were filled with stress, worry and anxiety, as to how we would handle such a massive estate sale. After 5 months of trying to determine what to do, we went with VIEL.
All I can say is THANK HEAVEN for Wayne Mossman, and his team with Vancouver Island Estate Liquidators!!  I honestly thought it was never going to be possible to get through it all!

Wayne is 100% professional, compassionate, honest, and knowledgeable in dealing with so many unique and special treasures. He was very patient and kind with us, at a very difficult time.

The pre-pricing of everything, and then the 3-day sale went as smooth as ever. I again..never thought it would have been possible. He has a wonderful sense of humour, deals with customers so perfectly, that it actually turns out to be a fun, pleasant time...instead of the sadness I had predicted. We made more money than we had ever thought, and felt such a enormous sense of relief that our Mother’s beautiful things, will now be treasured in a new home.
His very hard work ethic amazed us!! He never stopped for a minute, and his team as well worked endlessly to make sure all would be done in the 3 days that he promised it would be. After the sale was over, they cleared up all that was left to donate to their wonderful charity 'Workability' a Non Profit Organization. It felt good to know the remaining items would go to such a great place. Not only that, but they vacuumed, and left the house cleared, not leaving one thing to deal with.

Never, ever hesitate to contact Wayne and his company. We will be forever grateful to them, and we will recommend them to all that need such a service!
Lynn and Dave, Nanaimo

This masking tape badge says it all.

Lynn McNaught, Comox Estate Sale

From my experience, Wayne is man of his word. I previously contacted one of his competitors that required a contract and then proposed that at least $10,000 worth of goods sold.  

Downsizing and moving, or facing the recent loss of a loved one can be stressful enough, so who needs surprises or stipulations that present further demands?

Wayne and his team made my transition efficient and cheerful and didn’t require a set "expectation” sum.  After all, who knows what the end results will be until after the process has completed?

What I really like was the fact that he represents honesty, integrity and a non-profit group called Workability, where all left over items go to a thrift store, and group that that helps others. At the end of my event, members from this group graciously cleared and swept my home, which allowed me to rest. They displayed competency and kindness.

I also appreciated that the fact that Wayne encouraged me to be on-site during the entire event. In contrast, another firm told me I should not be present. This was my home filled with my belongings. As such, I wanted to be there. I was glad to hear that Wayne welcomed my involvement which gave me the opportunity to say farewells to visiting friends, neighbours and community members while parting with my goods. He was also security trained, and security conscious.

If you are looking to downsize or move, I highly recommend Wayne and his team. They go beyond the call of duty - helping to sell your stuff and, for whatever doesn’t sell, you and he can also help others where tax receipts for charity donated items may be issued.

In the end, Karma equals “what goes around, comes around”. In my opinion, this is a winning combination.

Pamela Smyth, Nanaimo

It is with great pleasure that I strongly recommend Wayne Mossman, Vancouver Island Estate Liquidators. I have had 3 separate sales with Wayne and he is one of the most driven, dedicated persons I have ever met. He always has your best interest as his goal.

Wayne is professional and engaging. He gives new meaning to the term "multitasking." He can follow up on several issues at once, all the while displaying admirable patience and people skills. Wayne is great at managing his time and incredibly organized. He is persistent without being annoying, and above all he gets results.

He is fun to be around, and never seems to run out of energy. He has a great sense of  humour too. I would hire him again in a heartbeat.


J.Gail Schumann, Campbell River

Downsizing from a 4400 square foot home to a 1600 foot home seemed like a daunting task, especially after 45 years of accumulating "stuff". We were anxious and nervous but Wayne and his team pulled it off without a hitch. What was going to be a three day event turned into two.

All aspects of the sale were well coordinated and minimized our stress. In addition to this the cleanup and removal of items left over was well done by the charity crew . Huge thanks to Wayne and every member of his team for a job well done. 

Ken and Louise 

We can recommend Wayne Mossman to anyone who needs someone to handle an estate sale from start to finish.

A dear friend of our died a few months ago and we needed help to dispose of all the furniture and other household items, be they of little or large value, that remained in her house. Wayne took over and held an estate sale.

He handled all the money with complete transparency and records – and – best of all – he disposed of all the unsold items and totally cleaned the house. He donated many of the leftover items to charity which suited us well as we hate to see things that have some value to others just taken to the landfill.

Thanks Wayne, for your clear and professional service to us.

Colin & Sheron Stewart, Comox

Deciding to enlist the help of a liquidator is a big decision. Wayne Mossman is one of the hardest working guys you are likely to meet. He gets the job done and he leaves after everything is properly cleaned up and you have money in your pocket. I wouldn't hesitate recommending him to anyone needing this service!

Mal Stelck

Without the help of Wayne Mossman through his company Vancouver Island Estate Liquidators (VIEL), I would not have accomplished the downsizing I had to do before I could move from my house to a condo. Wayne said, “Trust me; there won’t be anything left for you to deal with after the sale. Just leave it all to me and don’t worry.” 

For anyone considering working with VIEL, here is the sale process as I experienced it. First, Wayne came to check out what there was to sell and to take photos. These were used to advertise in advance on the VIEL website. Good communication by text message, email, and telephone relieved my pre-sale anxiety. The day before the sale, Wayne and an assistant priced and labelled everything.

The day of the sale, more helpers were there with a cash register and the technology needed to process debit and credit card sales at a strategically located cash desk. One person, designated as the “accountant,” provided an accounting at the end of each day and paid me my share of the money from the sales.

VIEL signage guided people to the location and directed them to park on the main road and walk down the driveway. On the first morning of the sale, the steady stream of people that poured down the driveway attested to both the advertising and the following VIEL has created.

With VIEL staff members working in the house, garage, and workshop, everything ran smoothly. People who bought large items brought their cars down the driveway to load up, with help from the VIEL team. The sale was so successful, it was held for only 2 days instead of the 3 originally planned.

On the third day, another team under Wayne’s supervision sorted and loaded up everything that remained. They swept and vacuumed and left the house, garage, and workshop empty and clean. These workers were from the Workability Project, a non-profit organization. All remaining saleable items were taken away to be sold in their thrift shop. I was delighted to be able to support this charity that helps people get back in to the work force, and I commend Wayne Mossman for his support of such community projects.

Leaving my longtime home and letting go of so many belongings was difficult, but Wayne’s friendly, professional help made it easier. He is honest, efficient, and knowledgeable. He does exactly what he promises to do, with energy and good humour. After the sale there really was nothing left for me to deal with, and I had made more money than I expected to.  If you need this type of service, call Wayne Mossman at Vancouver Island Estate Liquidators!

Rhonda Bailey

There is NO Moss on this Man. I called Wayne to help me settle the estate of my sister. This was probably one of the best calls I have ever made. This Mossman knows what he is doing. He got an estate sale organized and I watched everything happen like clockwork. Three days later the house is empty, clean, and ready to sell. I did not have to get emotional as I know I would have been doing it by myself. 

Thank you Wayne you are # one in my books and I recommend you to anyone in such circumstances. 


It was such a relief to know that everything would be taken care of by people you can trust. Wayne and his crew helped me at a time when I was weary and at my wits end.  He really extended himself and found a way to make the sale and removal of items possible. He really knows his business and I am truly grateful for his kindness and good work.

Good wishes,


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I can highly recommend Wayne Mossman of Vancouver Island Estate Liquidators as a solution for anyone looking to sell a large amount of house contents.

This fall we were relocating to a new home for us in Nanoose Bay and acquired the house with all the contents intact. Wayne's service allowed us to maximize our ability to sell the contents, with minimum amount of work on our part. They do all the advertising, price all the contents & manage the entire sale. I don’t like trying to sell items with all the phone calls, visits to the home it can drag on for days and weeks. With this process you don’t even have to be there! After the sale they have an arrangement where all the leftover contents are removed to recycling or distributed to charities and the house is left in great condition. Wayne settles (in cash) at the end of each day of the sale & ours only took a day!

I highly recommend using his services, he explained every aspect and invited us to attend another liquidation to see the process. He and his team were always professional, quick at their tasks, caused minimum disturbance in our neighbourhood and were great folks to work with.

Having experienced the whole experience I can highly recommend this for anyone looking to sell a large amount of contents.

Virginia Gibberd & Chris Rose, Nanoose Bay

It is not easy to process an estate from 3,000 miles away.  I met with Wayne and his crew while in Canada, and left him to take care of the sale while I returned to my home in Maine. 

I found his process to be completely transparent, logical, and delightfully digital — he sent me daily photos and updates of the place is progress,  and managed the entire project without me having to be on site.  It was fast, efficient, and I am frankly amazed at the results. 

I would happily recommend this company to anyone needing the service.  They were completely professional and at a difficult time — one of the few things that went right. Well done!

Holly Valero - Nanaimo, BC

"Downsizing" is a daunting word. The whole operation is a challenge on many levels. Realizing that we would need some practical help I contacted Wayne Mossman and asked him to come to 420 Heron place so that we could discuss the potential of an estate sale. The discussion concluded with the agreement that Mr. Mossman would accept the responsibility of organising the Estate Sale on the day after we moved to our new home.
Mr. Mossman was positive, organised, competent and respectful throughout the operation.  He had no hesitation in "going the extra mile' when necessary. The house was cleared and left in a very clean and orderly manner.
We appreciate Mr. Mossman's services as a professional as well as the personal support which he gave so willingly.

Joanne Bevis
After the sudden passing of a family member, my wife and I were faced with the huge task of clearing out the family home and all its contents. Through the years and with the closing of a family restaurant, the volume of accumulated possessions  was enormous.

At first we were overwhelmed and disheartened. The process looked to be one that would take months and all our time and energy, both physical and emotional. Then, my wife recalled an estate sale she had attended in the Summer and suggested that as a way to deal with the huge job ahead of us. With some discussion and contemplation, we contacted Wayne Mossman of Vancouver Island Estate Liquidators. It turned out to be the best call we could have made.

Wayne met with us and immediately, his positiivity and enthusiasm for the task ahead lifted a weight of concern and dread from us. With Wayne and his crew involved, the whole idea of getting a house chock full of things cleared out seemed totally achievable. Wayne was clearly knowledgeable and well connected when it came to organizing, sorting, valuing and advertising an operation like this.

Where my wife and I had contemplated months of sorting, packing and cleaning in the house, once an event date was set, the whole process was done in a week. Wayne and his crew came in and sorted, priced and staged the contents of the house. All done with professionalism and in the most respectful way. Wayne brought in all the necessary display tables, cash register and help needed to ensure a smooth but exciting sales event. We were not required to be there, but my wife decided to help out and answer any questions that might arise.

So, rather than the overwhelming job that faced us at first, and rather than just paying to have the house contents hauled off to the landfill, many people were able to purchase items they wanted, other items went to charity or to be recycled and we were able to see the house completely emptied and had some cash as a bonus. An excellent and possibly amazing outcome from where we started.

Given our experience and outcome, clearly it was a great pleasure to work with Wayne, his crew and the expert evaluators he brought in to help determine the value and market for the wide variety of goods that were sold.  From household goods, art, firearms, commercial cookware, books, music, and on and on. All things my wife and I had little or no market value knowledge of or even the ability to sell within legal frameworks.

I have already passed Wayne's name along to others who need such caring and professional services and will continue to do so.
Looking at the final result, I feel a great deal more at peace and look forward to doing a few renovations to the house and making it our home.

With great appreciation,

Vern & Brenda - Nanaimo

I’m a little late in writing this tribute to Wayne Mossman and his team of hard working and energetic staff, but mention of his professionalism must be said.

I recently had to clear out the home of my Step-Father and Mother as their house was sold and they were going into a care home. Time was of the essence. My Step-Father’s hobby had been to go to garage sales for the past few decades, and buy anything and everything; so the house and outlying sheds were overstuffed with literally dozens of everything. Many things were sadly neglected due to their inability to care for the property.  

However, Wayne was always very encouraging about clearing everything out and being able to sell many items that I quite frankly thought was garbage. The house was set up like a crowded store and tools were displayed in his trailer which also acted as a mini-store. Items were arranged for sale all over the property. There were so many things that many people who came to the sale actually thought that there were four or five housefuls of goods.

Advertising was done, street signs were set up, and everything was very well organized. A lot of items were sold, and those that were not were removed on another day. The property was cleared of years of debris and junk for the new owners.

Quite frankly, I don’t know what I would have done without the hard work and keen enthusiasm  of Wayne. I didn’t know where to begin, the task was overwhelming; and yet somehow it all got done. I would highly recommend Wayne to anyone with the task of liquidating affairs, be it your own or someone else’s. I live across the country, and yet he was always reassuring about completing the job in the allotted time. He is sensitive to the difficulty of clearing out the things of a family member, and upbeat and positive about the job at hand.


Kathy Jacob, Mississauga

I’m a widow and have no family to help me. I am very happy and thankful for the help I received from Wayne and his team. He made sure that everything was in order and the sale went well. 

I recommend Wayne to anyone who needs to have an estates sale. He will be there for you. 

Thanks again. 

Mercedes Mahloudjian

Wayne Mossman is a hard working man of his word who delivers what he promises.

We sold our 3000 sq. ft home and large 4-bay work shop to down size to a 1466 sq ft strata home. This coincided with my husband’s knee replacement operation causing a great deal of stress and an over whelming situation for us.

Wayne stepped in and recommended a mover to take the items we wanted moved to our new home which worked out well. Then he and his knowledgeable crew arrived to set up, price and sell items not required.

It was a massive sale as we allowed him to bring a second parties furniture and items from a two bedroom condo apartment. Plus the new owners of our large property intended to renovate so had appliances and fixtures they wanted sold.

Over a four day period Wayne and his crew worked diligently selling to Wayne’s huge following of buyers. The few useable items remaining were given to a charity and the garbage taken away. The house and shop were left bare and we had no work to attend to except to take the monies collected to our bank. 

We do not hesitate to recommend Wayne Mossman and his team of Vancouver Island Estate Sale Liquidators to anyone needing this kind of service.

Ron and Sheila Poncia, Qualicum Beach  

Wayne and his crew exceeded all of our expectations and generated more income from the estate sale than I thought was possible. Their understanding of the market values, their presale research, their list of followers and buyers, and their get it done attitude all contributed to a very successful and stress free process for us.

We can not recommend Wayne and his crew highly enough and will refer them to everyone we can think of. 

Thanks guys.

Bill and Kara Derby

Unbelievable how easy it was to clear out 15 years of clutter.

Wayne came, he saw,  and he conquered in just one week what would have taken my husband and I weeks of very stressful work. So much easier to save what we really wanted and let Wayne take care of all the rest

At the end of the sale our garage and studio was completely empty and he even helped clean up our yard.  We couldn't be more pleased. 

Carlo and Sharon Bezio

I would like to thank Wayne Mossman and his staff for conducting a highly successful estate sale for us. They handled the entire process from promotion and pricing, to the sale itself, and the thorough cleanup at the end.

One of the key benefits to his success is a sizeable subscription list of buyers who follow his events. They know he manages his sales professionally and fairly.

I definitely recommend Wayne and his group to anyone who needs help in the sale and removal of their household contents.

Herb, Bowser, BC

Recently I sold my home. I had only 30 days until I had to be out of my very "well-stocked" 5 bedroom house. To say I was stressed was an understatement. I needed to downsize and I was overwhelmed with the amount of stuff I had and the short amount of time in which I had to deal with it.

I needed someone who could help do this quickly. I called Wayne. He very quickly reassured me that he could take care of it. He explained how it worked and we set a date for the sale.

Throughout the process, Wayne was available to answer my many questions and address concerns. He continued to provide the reassurance I needed as I was skeptical.

As promised, large amounts of people showed up for my sale. Wayne actively engaged everyone who attended and went the extra mile to make sales, including delivering a BBQ, free of charge, to someone who wasn't able to fit it in her vehicle. He very likely would have lost the sale had he not offered to deliver it for her.

At the close of the sale I had the option of donating the remaining items to a very worthy cause. A group of people from the organization arrived at the end of the sale. They quickly packed up and took away everything that was left. Between them and Wayne, I was left with an empty house and garage, and a handful of cash.

Wayne was instrumental in helping me deal with this huge stressor after the sale of my home. He took this seemingly overwhelming task and dealt with it. As promised, he "got it done".

Excellent work - thank you Wayne.


We had the problem of clearing up an estate and down sizing our "Stuff" to enjoy our retirement years with a long term visit to Europe, Travel, Good Food, Cruises and assorted debauchery.
We called Wayne and his staff at Vancouver Island Estate Liquidators.
They came, they saw, they arranged, they sold...we relaxed in the lounge.
Well done guys.
Frank & Sylvia Hands, Port Alberni

After our parents passed away, we needed to clean out the house and get it ready for sale. Not a simple task when the house was full of furniture, clothes and items collected over 60 years of being in the same house. 

Wayne and his team did an excellent job of either selling, donating or removing all of the items in the house over a weekend and left the house nice and clean. Wayne kept us appraised at all times and was very easy to work with.

I would happily recommend Wayne and Vancouver Island Estate Liquidators for an efficient and cost-effective way to clean out a house and get it ready for sale.


When my husband recently passed away, I was trying to downsize the belongings in my house, which had become much too big and expensive to maintain just for myself. I knew I had to sell the house. But I needed help to downsize. A friend highly recommended the Vancouver Island Estate Liquidators, and I contacted them. That was a smart move. 

Wayne, the owner of the company, promptly stopped by for a consultation, and set the estate sale “wheels” in motion. That meant that all my worries, work and fretting were over! The stress was gone! 

Wayne handled everything very honestly, promptly and efficiently with the help of staff. The sale was a huge success! At the end of it, there wasn’t a bit of debris left in the house or the garage/workshop – even that was taken away! Wayne also delivered any items selected to go to charities! Wayne and helpers worked non-stop and cheerfully during the sale, even moved and loaded sold furniture! 

I certainly couldn’t have handled this enormous downsizing job on my own! Besides, it’s nice to have the cash to prep the house for listing it, and also for the move into my new abode! By the way, ask Wayne to put you in touch with Ann!  She will take the worry out of your relocation. 

All I can say is “Thank you Wayne!”  I’ll certainly recommend your company to anyone in need of downsizing. 

Ingrid Morton 

I recently made a move from my home with fifty odd years of collections to a small apartment in a retirement facility.  It was impossible to know where to begin. Then we were informed about Wayne Mossman who made an overwhelming project into an organized estate sale and with profitable results.

After a 3-day sale, he took care of all unsold items and left the house clear of all debris.

Our gratitude goes to Vancouver Island Estate Liquidators.

A. McLachlan

You never know what a huge task it is to clear out a house until you are faced with it yourself. 

Years of possessions and just plain clutter. We were overwhelmed until we made just one phone call, and all our problems were solved. It’s just that easy. 

Wayne was so helpful and knowledgeable, and he found solutions that fit our particular situation. We put down the boxes and went out for dinner. 

Many thanks for all the help. 

Andrzej and Yvonne Kabata


Wayne and his whole staff were a pleasure to work with.

He does exactly what is on the web site. I worked the sale with Wayne and his staff. Comments from people buying was very positive, along with all the pictures and prep before the sale is why Wayne's sales are successful.

If you need this type of service you have found the right crew no question.


Jeff Oberacher- Qualicum Beach

I have been in a waiting period for years trying to transition into my retirement. I have been in touch with Wayne during those years and he made me feel as though I could call him anytime and he would help me through this tough time. This seems like a passion for Wayne because never did I think he was caught up in business.

Finally, I called Wayne and told him I was ready. He came out and assessed my belongings, my storage unit and got busy taking photos... A lot of them. He said we could have this all taken care of in a couple of days and here I was thinking the impossible.

Wow, do these guys work it. Wayne reassured me the whole time and in a short time.... It was in fact all taken care of.

The best part is that there were so many people served in this one sale of mine. From all the customers who bought from me to the charity who came and cleaned up anything that I didn't want to worry about storing anymore.

What a cleanse and how easy it was for me to 'get r done'. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Wayne and team. I am now resting easy after so long carrying this burden like a semi truck load behind me.


Patti in beautiful Qualicum Beach on Vancouver Island 

Vancouver Island Estate Liquidators helped us greatly with clearing out and cleaning up my father's estate. We are from out of province and Wayne and his crew made the process easy and fast. They were very professional.

The work done by them in one weekend would have taken me months and they were able to sell so many items that I would have had to take to the landfill.

Wayne looked after securing the property and even spent the night before the sale at the place to make sure everything was ok.

We are very grateful for this service.

R. Reynolds - Regina

I contacted Wayne to help with a contents sale of my mothers home, as I live in the United States. Wayne and his guys came and did everything necessary to prepare, run and close the sale. Which was a HUGE undertaking, as my mother had a lot of stuff.They even arranged to have a charity come and take any remaining items so that the house was completely empty. I could never had done this ominous task without Wayne.

Not only is Wayne professional and reliable, he is also a very compassionate and thoughtful. It was a pleasure working with him.

Nicole Maharaj - Los Angeles, CA


In November 2014, I met Wayne Mossman at one of the estate sales he was conducting in Nanoose Bay.

I heard about him through a friend who suggested he might help my organization, The Workability Program, with a fundraising idea. The Workability Program is a non-profit charity that assist people with challenges to get back to work.

With Wayne's support we have started a Friday and Saturday Garage Sale. The garage sale provides "real work" experience for participants of the program and earned income "real pay".

Wayne has helped us with his time and experience. He is an insightful businessman with a non-profit heart and we are grateful for this great partnership. 

Marjorie Driscoll - The Workability Program

Wayne handled a potentially very aggravating move in a professional and incredibly efficient manner. The most I had to do was send a few emails. His prompt and courteous attitude took a huge load off my mind, and I would definitely recommend his services to anyone.

Mike West

My mother in-law passed away last year and we needed to sell her home. We had been coming up to visit for 40 years, so it was emotional to get rid of everything. We really didn't want to personally  deal with having to get rid of everything. It would have been to hard to watch it all go.               

We live in Colorado so it would have been impossible to handle all the details of empting the house. We found Wayne and he came in with all his contacts and crew and did a great job. Everything was gone in 3 days and the house was left in perfect move in condition for the new owners. Such a blessing to have that all done.

Thank you Wayne!

Sharon Peter & family

Wayne came to rescue me while I sold my house on the 7th and had to be out on the 28th. I lived in my house for 18 years and in those 18 years  I had a place in Vancouver and that came to me my house. I had a place in Palm Springs and that came back to be my home along with stuff I had acquired over the years.

I contacted Wayne. He went through the house and said he would do it which meant pricing everything and displaying everything being a salesman on the days of the sale and he delivered a lot of the big furniture to the buyer.

When the sale was over they called in the charity to take what they wanted. The rest Wayne said he would have it removed from the house so the cleaners could come in. If I had to do this on my own I would not know where to start. They were my angels, everything was taken care of fore me.

Thank you Wayne and your crew you did a very good job. My health is good but if something happened to me I would of hated to leave my children to empty my house.

I have downsized and live in a condo, as my furniture was too big.

Gail Pesto

Just a note from one of your shoppers to let you know how much I enjoy your sales and make a point of attending all that I can.

Your early 8AM starts pose a challenge especially for sales in the Parksville-Qualicum area as I live in Ladysmith, but believe me, it’s worth it.

You and your staff go out of their way to assist potential buyers and are willing to consider reasonable offers on items while ensuring that your clients are well served.

Keep up the good work! I’ll be watching for your next posting. 

Bill, Ladysmith

Vancouver Island Estate Liquidators did a great job with our estate sale after my Mom passed away. They were efficient and respectful.  It would have taken me months to do what they accomplished in three days.

I would recommend Vancouver Island Estate Liquidators to anyone who is overwhelmed with having to disperse a whole house full of treasured possessions.

Val Rantis, Errington, BC

I hired Wayne to conduct an estate sale after my mother passed away. The two big challenges associated with this were that I do not live on the Island and the home had to be move in ready for the new owners almost immediately after the sale. I met with Wayne and he clearly explained his process, and how he would go about conducting the sale.

Every step of the way he did exactly as promised, from getting ready for the sale, providing advance notice and advertising to his large client base, to operating the sale and then ensuring the house was clean and move in ready immediately upon the sale's conclusion. He was proactive in communicating with us about his approach, developments, gave regular updates and deposited the receipts at the end of each day of the sale.

Given that this had to be done remotely, it was great to deal with someone who was professional, trustworthy and who consistently lived up to his commitments.

Melanie Hanson, Kelowna

Hey Wayne,

Just wanted to send you a note thanking you for all the work you and your crew did to sell of all our extra stuff. From setting up the carport and shed, to the dollar table and the atmosphere, you guys did a great job. Thanks for cleaning up at the end and getting rid of everything we didn't want. We know where to go if we're faced with that much stuff again.

Thanks again


Sharing success within the community

Foot-Prints Recovery House has been the benefactor of "Vancouver Island Estate Liquidators" services. Our charity has received generous donations of used furniture, household goods and even reusable food. Our drug & alcohol recovery houses appreciate the unconditional support we have got from Wayne and his clients. An outstanding business that unconditionally give back to the community.
Cheri, Executive Director

I would like to express my great appreciation to  Wayne from Vancouver Island Estate Liquidators for his generosity and social conscience. 

I received a phone call from a friend in Nanaimo about an item in one of Wayne’s estate sales.  It was a silver bowl trophy presented by St. John Ambulance to  Mary Mackenzie-Grieve in 1948.  Mary Mackenzie-Grieve was my aunt who lived in Victoria for many years with her parents.  There were many Mackenzie-Grieve heirlooms in the Victoria home which were gradually sold or discarded when she left Victoria and the family home. 

I was especially interested in the St. Johns' Ambulance silver trophy because it was a link to some of our family history.  I contacted Wayne by e-mail about the possibility of placing a reserve bid or trying to buy through an online offer just to recover some family connections to the past.  Within the next day, after he had heard about the family connections and history related to the bowl he indicated he would personally buy the item from the estate and mail it to me as his way of the trophy “finding its’ way home to the frozen north”. 

The trophy arrived in early November just as Wayne had promised.  I am so pleased to “recover” this family heirloom and want to say THANK YOU  to Wayne for his generosity and interest in the trophy “finding its’ way home.  Thank you Wayne!”

George Mackenzie-Grieve
Whitehorse, Yukon


Thanks to  Vancouver Island Estate Liquidators for arranging an estate sale in a couple of days. They took all the stress off and made the estate liquidation easy.

Cheers, Tracey

The sale of my surplus assets was very successfully run by Vancouver Island Estate Liquidators. I was impressed by your contemporary approach using the internet, and social media marketing techniques, to promote the sale opportunity, to highlight important and unique items in the sale, and most importantly to attract a high volume of interested buyers over two days.


Your quick removal of all the unsaleable items and trash at the end of the sale was a tremendous benefit to me. I felt tremendously pleased and relieved as I surveyed my neat and tidy property after you left. My share of the proceeds largely paid for the moving company that relocated me to my new condo a few days later.

Thank you sincerely and best wishes for the future.

Vernon MacKay, Qualicum Beach

We at Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Vancouver Island (BBBSCVI) had the pleasure of working with Wayne and his wife Brenda.

Items left over from most estate sales that took place from April to June were donated to BBBSCVI. These items were sold at a garage sale and the proceeds were used to support our mentoring programs in Central Vancouver Island.

Wayne was incredibly supportive of our charity; going beyond the call of duty by delivering some of the donated items to our facility.

If you want to dispose of your treasures and belongings and move on, Wayne of Vancouver Island Estate Liquidators is the one to call. He will do it all for you at a reasonable price. It will be done efficiently, quick and with a positive attitude.

No need to advertise or put it for sale, he does it well and professionally. His list of people he contacts are eager to buy and makes your life easier to let go of your treasures. It's a win-win situation for you and him.

My husband and I had been in our home for 10 years and we had lots of room to store our stuff. We came from the East with all our possessions and have decided to downsize. We did not know how to do it and because we had other business transactions with Wayne, we called him up and he took care of it all.

Thank you Wayne for your help.

Lilian, Nanaimo (Dickinson Estate Sale)


I was faced with the overwhelming challenge of shutting down a friend’s home. I was told to stop by and see a sale which was being conducted by Wayne Mossman and his team from Vancouver Island Estate Liquidators. I was duly impressed by what I saw and commissioned them to run our sale.

Wayne was organized and professional.  Our sale was four gruelling days, and I couldn’t have done it without Wayne and his team.  People noted how well advertised the sale was, the signage to find our sale was great, and overall the sale reduced my task to a manageable level. We have recommended Wayne to our friends who find themselves in the same position.

Thank you to Wayne and his team.

Jim Mapey, Campbell River

After the passing of my mother, my sister and I were tasked with dealing with many things that we were not prepared for. One of the most overwhelming items was the thought of clearing out the house in order to get it on the market to sell. Neither of us lives close enough to be able to deal with everything in a time or cost effective manner. We came across Wayne's website and contacted him to see if he could help us out. He was very quick to respond and reassured us that he could get the job done.

Wayne delivered in every way he could have. He was able to sell most everything in the house within two days and cleaned out everything prior to leaving. It was good to know that the regular day-to-day items in the house were able to go to a new home instead of in the garbage.

Dealing with the passing of a loved one is a very difficult process and Wayne was very sensitive and respectful of my mother's belongings and was quick to let me know if he found anything that might be considered personal and set it aside.



I found Vancouver Island Estate Liquidators through an ad on Kijiji. I had never heard of this kind of service before and was unsure of how successful it might turn out to be.

We live in Alberta and needed help clearing out a home in Nanaimo, so we could sell it. Wayne promised us that lots of people would come to the sale and that everything would be taken care of to our satisfaction when it was over. It was a midweek sale and I could not believe the number of people who came...WOW!

I didn't have to be present, but was for part of the day and I actually had a lot of fun working with Wayne and his team, and meeting all the people who came and supported the sale. It was to be a two-day sale, but it sold out in the first day and Wayne stayed really late that night to clean everything out, even vacuum and swept the garage!

He also delivered a load of furniture purchased by a lovely lady who came that day. He came to our hotel the next day to settle the financial disbursement. Can't say enough about the experience. I would, and have already recommended Wayne to realtors and neighbours in Nanaimo and back home in Alberta...yes Wayne said he would even come to our house if we ever wanted to do it again.

Thanks again Wayne and Brenda, it was a pleasure!

Debbie - Sexsmith, Alberta

I would like to thank Wayne and his wife Brenda from Vancouver Island Estate Liquidators for their wonderful compassion and hard work when they handled the sale of the household goods in my Mom’s home.

Wayne came out to a rural area to asset Mom’s belongings and meet with Mom who was downsizing to an apartment because of a terminal illness, he assure her it was all going to be OK. Then he and Brenda came out to the house to sort and price all the items a few days before the Sale Days.

I loved how they had everything set up with lots of signs, bargain table, a cash register and the ability to take credit cards too. On the “Sale Days” my Mom was in the hospital, so Wayne took care of everything as I dashed back and forth to the hospital, bartering, clean up and relocation of everything left at the end.

Mom was quite the collector of odds and ends through the years, so at the end of the two days of sales and a chunk of money in the bank, some of the unsold items were heading to the landfill and any valuables went to a charity for a receipt, Wayne took care of it all. The only thing I needed to do was wash the floors before turning the house keys to the new owners of my Mom’s home.

I honestly could not have done it without Vancouver Island Estate Liquidators. Thank you Wayne and Brenda!

Dianne Knight, Mesachie Lake

Wayne Mossman is a prince!

After my brother Eliot died I had to sell his house in Sidney and found myself overwhelmed. Eliot liked to collect things— from artwork to knives to sometimes the really most mundane of “stuff”.

To start with I had to thin things down to even show the property. I turned to a local auction house. I was disappointed. Valuable things from carved ivory to Native American paintings went for next to nothing.

Then the house sold and I had to quickly empty it.

This is when I turned to Wayne. He told me not to worry. He would handle the sale of the contents and when he was finished the house would be empty and clean.  He had a big list of clients, he told me, and driving traffic to the sale would be no problem. I had serious doubts about all of this but was desperate.

Then came Wayne’s sale. There was a big turnout and everything went. It turned out to be profitable (I wish I had used Wayne from the beginning), and the house was clean for the new owners who were happy.

Wayne is probably the hardest working man in Canada. He’s very pleasant and easy to work with. He’s super reliable and honest. I would use him again in a heartbeat. And yes, he is a prince.

Robert H. Lieberman, Novelist & Film Director, Ithaca, NY

Wayne and his crew came to my parent's house to do an estate sale back in May 2014.

Wayne came and meet with us ahead of time and layed out all the terms and the way the sale would work. He marketed the sale in papers and through emails to customers. When the day of the sale came. so did the people. We took home cash the first night, lots of it and also the second day.

The team were very pleasant and efficient. When the sale was over we had cash in our pockets, a totally clean house from top to bottom and a no trips to the dump or a charity to deal with. Wayne took care of everything. It really was a great experience and I would recommend it to anyone.

Thanks Vancouver Island Estate Liquidators.

Colleen Krasman, Campbell  River

Wonderful help, GREAT SERVICE

I have had the pleasure of being on both sides of Vancouver Island Estate Liquidators and have been surprised by the service and impressed by the money I have saved and made through his business.  

I was in the market for some playground equipment with very little success.  Until one day Wayne showed up at my door showing off his inventory and mentioning that he had this piece of equipment for sale, and didn’t even know I was in the market.  The equipment was worth over $20 000 but I got a GREAT deal.  Wayne did everything to get it to my place but build it.  And when it turned out that Wayne DIDN’T have the instructions he did the next best thing: cut me a check for my troubles.  Problem solved!

I was so impressed with his salesmanship and dedication to customer service that I hired him to help clean out my garage full of old ‘junk’.  Wayne organized the dates, cleaned up all my buried treasure and did ALL the advertising.  The best thing was how professional the sale LOOKED.  You felt good about someone like Wayne working within your business.  Everything was clean and organized.  He even shows up with his own credit card machine and cash register.   In the end he took care of most of the stuff that was not fit to sell.  All I had to do was count the cash, which he presented the day of the sale with a report of the day’s business.  At the end of the day I don’t think I could have made that kind of money even IF I did all the work that Wayne had to do to pull of this sale.

Way to go, Wayne; you’re the MAN!  

Thanks for everything Wayne.


recently retained the services of Mr Wayne Mossman (Vancouver Island Estate Liqudators) to help us load the 40ft Container for shipping to England (where we moved to). The Container was provided at our storage facility at Budget Self Storage in Parksville by Williams Shipping & Moving.

Wayne supervised the entire day long loading of the Container. He provided excellent supervision, export wrapping and loading the Container, remained on the phone throughout the day for live reports and advising while we were in England. His role was highly responsible, proactive and efficient for a long and demanding day.

After loading he took all the left-over items (furniture, gym and household items) for sale, and also got the storage units cleaned properly.

We are fully satisfied with the services provided and highly recommend his company. He is totally reliable, responsible and efficient in the time of need. He also goes out of his way to provide creative solutions to problems at hand.

It was a pleasure working with him and we look forward to doing business again.

Pradip & Rachel Kumar

Wayne and Brenda,

Thanks so much for looking after the organization of my Mom's entire household. From the pricing, set up, sales and cleanup at the end the 3- day event the whole process was completed. To do this myself would have been overwhelming. Plus, I would not have the resources, so when Wayne was recommended to me I went for it - happily!

See you at your next event! 

Joan Armstrong, Qualicum Beach

hired Wayne to conduct an estate sale of the contents of our parents' home in Nanaimo. It was such a relief to meet Wayne and realize he was the "real deal", and that we could let go of some of the overwhelming stress of trying to get the house ready for the new homeowners on short notice.

Wayne took the load off our shoulders with his can-do attitude, humour, and confidence that comes from experience. When it looked like we might not have enough for a 3 day sale, he was unruffled and flexible enough to negotiate a slightly different deal and a two day sale. He listened empathically to our concerns, consulted with us every step of the way, and yet took care of the "heavy lifting" both literally and figuratively himself. This was such a relief as none of us lived in Nanaimo, and we were having a hard time trying to get everything completed at a distance.

I was very impressed with Wayne's use of professional contacts to help him assess the value of some of the art work. Wayne took care of everything from emptying out the storage unit and bringing it to the house, arranging the items in an organized way and pricing them, advertising the sale to his long list of contacts, to doing the research on individual items to make sure we maximized return on each item. He also offered to list some items for us on Ebay.

Wayne has created an infrastructure of professional contacts and a well-developed customer list that was evident by the human traffic that was directed to the sale. Now that the weekend is behind us I can say it has been nothing but a pleasure working with Wayne,  that we are very pleased at the outcome of the sale, and that we would highly recommend his services.

Janice Cochrane

Island Estate Liquidators took care of our hand-balming and shipping needs. Wayne took on the contract of loading our construction tools onto pallets and then shipped them to Prince Rupert where they were barged to our mine site on Banks Island.

With only a days notice the pallets were packed, loaded, delivered to the terminal and most importantly they arrived before the tight dead line.

BWM, President & CEO Banks Island Gold Group

approached Wayne to inquire about organizing an estate sale for me – and within a week all was taken care of.

Everything Wayne told me was adhered to and their friendly approach put a smile on my face. Wayne and the two ladies that organized, priced, sold and cleaned up were wonderful! I cannot say more about ‘what’ this team did to make my life easier, but that I appreciated an honest, cheerful and extremely well organized business to handle my mother’s estate.

Everyone should ask this business to handle their sales – you will be amazed at the efficiency and extra care that is given. This was an awesome ‘new’ experience.

Cheers to you all and a big Thank-you!!!

Ingrid I. Osadan

 was very pleased with the estate sale that Wayne conducted for me. I trusted him and was not disappointed. He was straightforward and clear about what was to happen, and he and his team worked hard to prepare for and to hold the sale.

My house is now empty and ready to be occupied by a new owner.

Thank you Wayne.

Helen Agg – Deep Bay

promised several things when I hired them to help me have a moving sale. They promised I would be happy with the end result, that they were honest and hard-working, and that they knew how to advertise and bring buyers into the sale. WELL DONE and THANK YOU!!!!

Every promise, and more, was honored and I am extremely happy with the end result. I would not hesitate to hire this crew again or recommend their services. The entire sale was so successful because it was expertly handled and consistent attention was paid to all necessary details. It is with pleasure that I write this testimonial, and highly recommend him.

Karen – Qualicum Beach

the weekend of October 18-20th an estate sale was held at my residence in Qualicum Beach.

I made a decision earlier this year after my husband's passing to take a plunge and spend my days in sunny Mexico. My house sold quickly with a possession date in approximately three weeks. Panic set in and I struggled with how I would ever store or sell or give away years of accumulation and memories. Needless to say it was an emotional time after a decision was made to "sell all".

I contacted Vancouver Island Estate Liquidators after viewing their online site and reading wonderful testimonials from many satisfied people.

Wayne and his efficient team came to my rescue. I was told they would take charge and make my transition as smooth as possible. That is exactly what took place. All of my questions were answered and all my concerns put to rest. This team are highly sensitive to any situation that may come up. I did not have to do a thing except be assured my home and possessions were in the greatest hands.

A report was submitted daily on progress throughout the sale keeping me up to date on items sold and monies received. After the sale Wayne's team disposed of any leftover items and the house was left spotless ready for the new owners to move in.

I highly recommend this team to take care of your estate disposal. Special thanks to Donna for the hugs during my emotional episodes and to Wayne who kept his cell phone alive each and every day for my calls and to his wife Brenda who did a super job leaving my home in such good shape after hundreds of customers walked through.

The results were fantastic in my opinion and I am packed and ready to start my new adventure in another country.

Adios, Cathy Johansen

had an overwhelming job ahead of us and we contracted Wayne at Vancouver Island Estate Liquidators to sell the contents of our Home and Upholstery shop in a 3-day sale.  He and his team drove a massive crowd to the sale and we sold everything in this short timeline. 

An organized, knowledgeable company of work horses who deliver what they promise. Highly recommended, affordable and a very reliable company to do business with.

Richard Brochert, Montana Road Sale

decided to retire after 24 years in the restaurant business. I looked around and didn’t know where to start. I called Wayne  Mossman of Vancouver Island Estate Liquidators.  He came to my business looked around asked me what I wanted to do; I said “I wanted it all gone." 

Wayne said to me I will take care everything don’t worry and he did. Wayne and his crew were polite, patient and professional, who could ask for anything more but Wayne gave more.   In a situation that was emotional and stressful, Wayne lifted all the worry from my shoulders.  He took care of every detail right down to making sure the store was clean after the sale.

There was nothing left for me to do except enjoy my retirement.

Thank  you  Wayne

I would trust Vancouver Island Estate Liquidators with any move or sale I was considering. I would highly recommend Wayne’s services.

Peggy Bond, Bonds Fish & Chips, Courtenay

called Wayne Mossman at Vancouver Island Estate Liquidators, because we had to downsize due to an international move.

He went above and beyond, making frequent trips to our storage units to help us organize our belongings, and hosting sales to help us make the maximum amount of money to fund our move.  He couldn't have been more helpful and courteous. It was a huge help to have someone that we could trust working with us. He is proactive, well organized and friendly.

His business is based on the core values of integrity, customer service and transparency in dealings.  We hope to do business with him again.

Dr Pradip and Mrs Rachel Kumar, Parksville, BC

  family was recently faced with the overwhelming task of dispersing a loved one’s lifetime of household effects. We had the pleasure of working with Wayne Mossman and his staff from Vancouver Island Estate Liquidators.

The service was professional, prompt and they delivered all that was promised. The staff were respectful and empathetic to the needs of our family. All items were carefully sorted and research was done to ensure fair values were placed on the household contents.

The sale was professionally run, the remaining items removed to donate to charity and the house left clean as promised. There were no hidden costs and they delivered the services agreed upon.

We cannot thank them enough for taking what would have been a stressful task for our family and creating a positive outcome. We are happy to highly recommend the services of Wayne and Vancouver Island Estate Liquidators.

Robyn Baker and family

were recently faced with the prospect of cleaning out my mother’s home and readying it for the housing market. This is a daunting task, especially if you are from out of town.

We contacted Mr. Wayne Mossman regarding his estate sale service. He thoroughly explained what would happen. He came to the house and gave us an honest assessment of what we could expect from the sale. We agreed upon the date for the sale. From there, we stood back as they organized the complete event.

To say it was efficient is an understatement. The advertising and signage were effective and the sale was well attended. Wayne and his staff are extremely capable and knowledgeable in every aspect of an estate sale. From pricing the goods, dealing with the sales and the dispersing of unsold items, it was an amazing and gratifying experience.

The net return to the family was more than we had anticipated. Our kudos and MANY thanks. We would heartily recommend you to anyone needing this service.


Fran and Pat Schooley

recently moved from our family home on Vancouver Island to a small apartment in Vancouver, in the process having to sell or abandon many of the treasures of a lifetime. From valuable antiques to grubby old garden tools, the house was full of things that were not going to fit into our new home.

The Challenge?
Downsize from 3000 sq.ft. home to 1000 sq.ft. condo

The Solution?
Wayne Mossman + Team

The task of getting rid of all these possessions – without just backing up a truck and taking it all to the landfill – seemed daunting, perhaps impossible. But Wayne and his crew swept in, organized and priced everything in the house and then ran the most spectacular sale, clearing absolutely everything and leaving a home that was ready to be handed over to the new buyer. We were impressed and incredibly grateful and recommend Wayne (and crew) for his honesty, his helpfulness and the quality of his service.

Richard & Elizabeth Littlemore

move back to the USA was conditional on liquidating my household. Wayne made it possible and went out of the way to accommodate my business and emotional needs as my husband had recently passed away. Everything sold and they removed all the clutter at the end of the sale.


Fran & Family – Pym St. Sale

cannot thank you enough for the wonderful work you did in organizing the sale of my parent's home contents. So many buyers commented on the signage, promotion and organization with which you organized and conducted the sale. You made a very difficult experience much easier for me.

Wishing you the best of luck in the future, and with heartfelt gratitude.

Janet, Cobble Hill

the saying goes, the best made plans get laid to rest. Almost, but not quite so in my case.

My plan was to have Wayne and his crew conduct an estate sale, and, given his reputation and long list of loyal customers, I knew I could count on him to get the job done.

Then came the monkey wrench. Without going into details, it left me in a situation where there was far too little left in the house to sell to make an estate sale worthwhile, but far too much left, and much too little time to completion of the sale of my property, to even begin to consider how best to handle the remaining contents on my own.

Wayne was with me every step of the way, from Plan A (estate sale) and its crumbling, to a very successful Plan B that freed the property of all of its contents, paved the way for consignment sales, and benefitted some very worthwhile local charities.

I was very impressed with Wayne's ability to roll with the punches, come up with options, and get the job done on time – and I highly recommend his services to others.

Cynthia Stone

was fortunate to select Wayne and his colleagues in Parksville to manage our family estate sale.

As a resident of Calgary, it would have been impossible to handle such a task remotely. Wayne and his colleagues took complete control of the sale, from advertising to selling and delivering items to leaving the house spotless and ready for possession of the new buyers.

Wayne was honest, fair and a pleasure to deal with. I would fully recommend his company for your estate sale needs.

Thank you Wayne!

David Woodward – Calgary, Alberta

very satisfied with your work. It was efficient quick and I´ve got the information I need right in time. There was also no problem to get in contact, by phone or e-mail, including the problems of distance and time-difference.

Dieter Hoffmann – Parksville

Thanks for making my move as easy as you promised. Everything sold even the boat that I thought would never sell. Everything in the house sold for a good price and the main objective of a 'cleaned out' was achieved.

Dorthy G. – Port Alberni