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Showcase Warehouse Liquidation Sales

1595 Comox Road, Courtenay

(Warehouse Building BEHIND Abbeylane Antiques)

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Dates & Times:  Apr 29-30 Courtenay Warehouse

Showcase Warehouse Sales

We have expanded our business reach to accommodate clients who don’t have enough items to facilitate an onsite sale or have a few items they would like to consign for us to liquidate on their behalf. In order to show these items, we have leased an very spacious warehouse space in the building behind Abbeylane Antiques that we will use as an annex in hosting these events.

These Showcase Sales will be similar to our regular sales at onsite venues in that there will be galleries, newsletters, Facebook event pages and specified dates and times, but will differ in that the items collected will follow certain criteria. It is also to be emphasized that this is not a retail store and has no Open/Closed hours; it is an extension of the current business we are doing now and serves as a venue for additional sale events.

We will start with one sale a month and plan to expand to bi-monthly events soon enough with our first sale already in the works and slated for this month with details to be announced in an upcoming newsletter. We will be actively seeking out high-quality pieces to be featured at these events and all will be sold pre-priced in our standard first-come-first-served basis.


Antiques & Collectibles

  • License plates
  • Enamel signs
  • Gas station collectibles
  • Die cast models
  • Rifles
  • Hand guns
  • Ammunition
Furniture (no press board)
  • Contemporary
  • Mid-century
  • Antique

  • Edged weapons
  • Military & Police medals & memorabilia

Nautical Antiques
  • Ships salvage
  • Anchors
  • Steerage stations
  • Binnacles
  • Ship models
  • Merchant marine items
Quality Home Furnishings

  • Modern power & quality hand tools
Vintage Audio & Stereo Equipment