Vancouver Island Estate Liquidators
& Auctioneers

Let us take care of business & make you money – we take on the tough jobs that others won't!



Call us first when you can't move freely around your space with all of the clutter from hoarding or storing that is staring you in the face. We are the professionals when it comes to the value of your belongings and if it isn't worth keeping for sentimental or monetary reasons then let us Feng Shui it away – you will breathe a lot easier and sleep better, too.

Clutter Be Gone

Our energetic and meticulous team is not squeamish, so bring on the mess and let them do the fussing about what to do with it and where it should go, because they have the expertise and the know for every item.

Our De-Clutter service includes:
  • Content Sorting & Organization
  • Asset Recovery & Inventory prior to facilitating an estate sale
  • Recycling of Appliances, Electronic Waste Trash and Vehicles
  • Cleaning & Preparation For Estate/Moving Sale
  • Expired/Outdated Document Destruction 
  • Arrange for Extreme Cleaning

*Note: We also do forensic cleanup of crime scenes and morbid cleanup of natural deaths with great courtesy for the bereaved.

Use our handy form on on our Contact Page for a free appraisal and stop clutter from getting in your way today.